Monday, May 4, 2009

The Advent of A jumper

The Advent of a jumper (Diagnostic Final)

We all have seen movies and/or read comic books that tell of extraordinary human beings that are given powers by birth, by accident, or by experiment. These movies and comic book characters excel human standards in many unique ways, usual by some sort of signature super power. These usual super powers range from super speed and strength to abnormally high mental prowess and thinking capabilities to even controlling the elements. Wow, how it used to be such a joy to read these comic books and even now to see the movies. There won’t be any more reminiscing for me because as of today, for now on I live life as one of those great super people that I’ve read about and seen in movies. My newly discovered ability is the ability to be wherever I want when I want, I am now a Jumper.
First before explaining how this new and magnificent change came about in my life I figured I’d explain what a jumper is. A Jumper is a person that can vividly picture an image of a place in their mind, pinpoint it and teleport themselves to that location instantly. With that introduction of what a Jumper is out of the way this is how I found out I was one,
Life had been pretty, I guess what people what say “average” for about 19 years now. I had attended school since pre-k like any other kid, and finally made it to college after 12 years. I don’t remember much about my early childhood for some reason, but I never figured to ask since it would bring up the topic of my mom not being around. My financial income was pretty tough now a day due to the financial funk that the government had put us in so I couldn’t afford a car, so I walked everyday, rain snow or sunshine.
I remember walking one day when a pretty vicious storm was happening. As usual I had to walk, and no ride or mode of transportation was available. Here I am fighting against the wind which seems almost dedicated to blowing me the opposite direction, the rain which felt like dull, cold, sharp knives was rapidly permeating my clothes and as usual traffic was worse with the rain. The wind started to blow me off the side walk and I couldn’t seem to keep a sold grip on the wet ground with my shoes, a big rig was coming and I was blown in front of it. I pictured being at school instead of in front of the impending doom I was about to meet. I closed my eyes and in an instant I was in the back of the school library laying in my wet clothing and a puddle of damp carpet from the rain that came with me.
At first I was a bit bewildered but I figured I’d try to grasp the illusive concept of what just happened and read into it. I waited until after my final class and decided to check a few books out pertaining to teleportation and other psychic maneuvers. I went into a bathroom stall, shut myself in and imagined my room. I held my breath, closed my eyes and in a fast fusion of colors, sounds, and lights I was in my room on the floor. I’m thinking to myself “what in the hell is going on here”. Of course this reaction is more out of excitement than fear and anxiety. I decide to spend the next few days in a field not to far from my house practicing this new jumping technique, and being that I’m a quick learner, I soon gain control of this incredible ability quickly.
After gaining control I figure first things first, I’m going to do some early traveling instead of waiting for the summer. First I jump to Miami Beach and take in the hot girls and sunny weather, then I jump to Cairo, Egypt to see some ancient pyramids, then I jump to Paris, to take in some of the culture and chicks again. Mind you, I do all of this in one day without any air fare, gas money or lines to wait in. since I am a helpful person I decide to do a little vigilante community service before I leave the state by taking down some crooks. I don’t worry too much about my safety because a target that cannot be seen cannot be hit. Of course a hero has to eat so I turn these crooks in for smalltime rewards to help finance my cause.
Oh, before I forget, let me kind of give you a view of what its like being in the middle of a jump; even though you’re only in the jump for a second imagine blinking your eye and seeing a swirl of colors and forms change right in front of you along with the sounds changing as well, and depending on how good you are at jumping a whisk of breath being taken from you for a second. That is what it feels like to be in jump, the breath part is only there until you improve. Also jumping with someone who is not a jumper can temporarily impair their vision, make them loose breath, and cause their heads to spin from what I like to call warp lag. Speaking of which as far as jumpers and non jumpers go, you are either born a jumper or you are not born one.
I did a little snooping around about my earlier childhood years to find out that I don’t remember much of my earlier years because I was often jumping and didn’t know it, which at a young age it can cause slight memory loss, and distortion of reality. I also found out that my mother is not around because she joined a agency that is against jumpers and hunts them, how would I know, let’s just say I accidentally jumped into her one day and found out. On a better note there are other jumpers around, which is beneficial because a couple have helped me to hone my jumping technique. I can now jump cars busses, even small houses. The houses are a bit strenuous to do but I can do it, I just have to break a small sweat first. To let you know what I mean, imagine trying to balance a stack of bricks on your head, that’s what it feels like to jump a house as far as the mental goes.
With the good and the bad things that come with this once dream about power, this powerful reality that I wake up to everyday I feel free, free to go where I want and to enjoy life at anyplace within any moment. This is a privilege I did not have before. It’s a fast paced lifestyle but definitely worth it, even though I’ve only been doing it for about a month, I see promise within this ability and I will continue to hone it. A month ago I woke up a prisoner of my imagination, and ordinary person in one area, today I go to sleep a free spirit, a Jumper, where anywhere is possible.

Diagnostic Essay (Rough)

We all have seen movies and/or read comic books that tell of extraordinary human beings that are either given super powers by birth, by accident, or by experiment. These characters excel normal human standards in many unique ways; some are given super strength, super speed, or even a combination of the two, while others are given superb thinking abilities and powerful mental prowess, or even the power to control the elements. There is one power in particular that I’ve wanted for a while now; it’s a unique power of sorts, a power that I find more convenient for time management, and also an easy way to get from place to place. If I had to wake up with any power what would it be? This power would be teleportation.
My fascination with the power of teleportation started a year ago when I saw the movie jumper. The theme of this movie grabbed my attention and kept it in a firm grip as it showed Jumpers; which are people with the ability to manipulate travel by teleporting to any place they could form a vivid image of in their mind. Since then, I have started longing and wanting for this ability. Since then the very thought of being a “Jumper” or a person who has the ability to teleport has yet to stop echoing through out the hollowed halls of my creative mind. It seems so flawless, so perfect, to actually have such a power to put myself in any place I want at any moment, to wake up with this power would certainly change things for the better.
Tomorrow morning my eyes open I look at the clock on my cell phone and see that I’m running late for class. I walk and being that school is at least two and a half miles from my house (and that’s being generous of the distance) there is no way that I can make it, being that class starts in several minutes .I get dressed and go to reach for the handle of the front door, but first I stop and picture how the class is going to look when I walk in late. Then the next second I found myself in the hallway near the class right at the door with my hand on the knob. I am on time, I figure somehow I teleported to class. Later on I start practicing and reading as many books as I can to learn how to control this ability, (while hoping and praying that it wasn’t just a one time thing) and before you know it I now am able to travel back and forth from any local place I can think of in a second at the most. Now I am no longer late for class, and in fact I get to sleep longer since I do not have to walk. This new found ability seems to be useful for time management, and I am also able to go wherever I wish and not have to worry about traffic or other people interfering or impeding my path. This is but one of the many ways teleportation would change my life for the better.
Now, being that I am a helpful person, I figure,”why just use this ability for traveling place to place? I should help people as well”.
The crime rate is rising in the area, so since I want less crime I start helping to eliminate it. At first I decide to only help with small things like helping people retrieve stolen items that belong to them. Next I think I would probably start with slightly more dangerous crimes, such as ones that involve robberies and guns. Since I am not bulletproof I would have to plan very carefully on how to disarm a criminal before they can get a shot off. This would become easy to me being the fact that I can simply teleport beside them, behind them, across from them, which ever way I choose and disarm them myself. The less violent method I could use this power for would be simply to teleport to where ever they may be at and grab the money and teleport it back to where it belongs. I wont lie I would probably give my self a small fraction of the money for a reward, I know it would be wrong but what can I say my power is teleportation, not being perfect. Nonetheless the very thought of helping people would make my life better as well, especially if they know that I’m helping.
Despite the many countless things that could be done with teleportation, my biggest thing would be traveling the world, and living life. With teleportation as my flight plan, I wouldn’t need a plane flight to travel countries, which would also mean that I could save money. The more I could travel and the more money I could save (especially in economic times like these going on now) would make me a happier person. Even looking past the money just having the ability to be actually free is what it would be about with me. The teleportation or rather jumping would simply accommodate me on that to a further extent. Just the thought alone puts a slight smile on my face, being that I’ve always wanted to travel the world and see it at its best instead of the trouble and mayhem that permeate its foundation even as I speak now. Seeing the many great things the world still has to offer would be almost as satisfying as the actual power to do see it for no cost or expense.
Teleportation, one of the ultimate powers in my eyes, and also one of the finest joys I can think of. Just to be able to move from place to place as I feel, what a pleasure that would be, I know for a fact my life would be ten times better with this power. The ability to help others with my new power, not only would that make me happier, but it would bring happiness for others as well. The day superpowers flow free form and inhabit themselves in the people of this earth, and I am fortunate enough to get one or more of these fantastic abilities, I ask that I wake up one day with the power of teleportation.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Improvement of a writer

This has been a long but useful semester as fas as english goes for me. While I was already a fairly good writer to say at least, I have grown and improved even more since a few months ago. One of the most beneficial things that I felt I learned in class 111-28 was the use of Rhetorical appeals such as ethos,logos,and pathos. despite the fact that im more than sure I had used these three rhetorical appeals before, I was a little naive that I was using them. The way I look at it is if you’re already good at something, but don’t know that you are good at it then you are able to better yourself once you learn to control it or manipulate it, almost like a super power or a new talent. Also I have found the use of the little, brown compact book by Jane E. Aaron which contained many grammatical exercises and ways to use grammar in a better way. I can speak on that personally because I know for a fact that this little, brown compact book has helped to improve and correct the structuring of my papers down to the last sentence.
The class discussions that I have partaken in and contributed to as well as other students have not only helped to improve my writing skills but they have also improved and reinforced my people skills as well. These class discussions were usually a good way to cross ventilate ideas to other peers as well as gain insight on what one could do for them selves when typing their own papers. On top of that the ideas given usually worked for me in a positive manner to improve my writing skills.
Another effective thing that helped me in English class was the quieter one on one form a class discussion call a peer review paper. This was basically where we print out a sheet of paper know as a peer review form along with a rough draft of whatever paper was due at the time, we exchange peer review forms and drafts and read the drafts and fill out the forms. This procedural process helped me by showing how to read another’s writing beyond just the words, it showed me how to look for the little small minuscule details that could make or break a paper. From my perspective this was also a way to ask myself certain questions about my paper and what key points in its grammatical structure did I pinpoint or miss.
Yet another contributing factor to the plethora of beneficial improvements I have made, I would have to say would be endurance. Now when I say endurance I don’t mean that I had a hard time keeping up form the get, but rather my endurance has bettered. This is in itself has a few factors of its own; my expectations of what a college English class requires, my motivation to meet those requirements and my dedication to keep myself motivated to meet those requirements. Writing assignments came at a fair but fast pace and one without endurance would fall behind, so with the help of my instructor and keeping posted on my assignments I was definitely able to raise my endurance and stay on task.
This has been a long but useful semester for me, and the list of things that have helped to improve my writing skills could go on and on and on, however the most important ones have been pointed out.. if this was all a dream or premonition of some sort and I had to relearn these effective methods again that would improve and benefit my writing skills for the better I would gladly redo them( I’m glad that I don’t have to though). I have learned many great methods that I will incorporate into my other writing classes when they come and I am sure to have new and refined edge on my writing. With all of that said I can say I have definitely improved for the best.